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When coming to stay in Canada for a long period you must apply under one of the following five categories   (a general description of who may apply under each category is provided).

To get an assessment on which would be the right category for your application, you can complete the Online assessment form.

1. Independent Applicant

A person with special occupational skills and experience may qualify as an independent immigrant.
These skills must be readily transferable to the Canadian labour market. This category should be used by those applicants wishing to immigrate without a sponsor.

2. Business Immigrants

Canada welcomes successful business people seeking new opportunities and challenges. Our Business Immigration Program is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of such people to Canada.

3. Member of Family Class

To immigrate to Canada as a member of family class you must have a relative in Canada who has promised, and is willing and able, to look after your care and shelter until you are established in Canada.

4. Student Authorization

If you want to study in Canada you must meet some important immigration requirements and you may require a Visitors Visa.  Before you apply, you must be accepted as a student by an approved educational institution.

5. Investor category

In case of your interest of investing money in the Canadian market / businesses, we can assist you to migrate under the Investor category. There are certain financial requirements to qualify for this category.
We at KAM International, work jointly with some of the leading financial institutions of Canada for the investor category program.

We have provided detailed information on the Investor visa here.
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